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We invite you to enter our site and view our Contra Shoes, Square Dance Shoes, Shagging Shoes, Organist Shoes, Choir Shoes, Chorus Shoes, Latin Dancing Shoes, Ballroom Shoes, Mens Dancing Shoes and Theatrical Shoes.

Whether dancing is your profession or passion, Tic-Tac-Toes dancing shoes and performance shoes will always provide the tools to keep you a step-ahead.

Tic-Tac-Toes shoes and boots for men and women are manufactured in our own modern factory in Gloversville, New York, USA! We do not import uppers; we do not import labor; we do not import shoes! You can order in confidence our American sizes and widths in your normal street shoe size. No conversions from European, British, French or Chinese sizing methods are necessary.

We  proudly  use only  domestic  finished  leather in our dance shoes. Because we do not use  backers  between our  leather upper and our soft foam and tricot linings, our leather will stretch and mold to the shape of your foot thereby adding to the comfort of the shoe. In addition, our leather has a durable top coating of urethane which allows for easy cleaning and less scuffing.

The exclusive heavy gauge sueded leather soling, antibacterial cushioned insole, soft breathable tricot linings, exclusive easy on and off slide buckles for infinite adjustability (no prongs and too small holes to fool with), non-marking soft heel toplifts, along with a host of other features brings the social dancing shoe to the level of professional usage and beyond.

We're close by, we're in stock, we have much to offer and we stand behind our products. Tic-Tac-Toes is your one stop convenient source for creatively classic step-ahead styling.

Ballroom Dancing Shoes Made to Dance the Night Away

TicTacToes can meet your every performance footwear need. We have theatrical, square dance shoes, and ballroom dancing shoes in a variety of styles and colors. We have real choice in men's ballroom dance shoes. Most of our competitors have only one of two varieties, but we carry several. All of our fine footwear have comfort insoles that run the entire inside length rather than covering only the ball of your foot. We use garment grade leather on our uppers, both in our professional dance shoes and our more casual choices, creating unmatched beauty and softness. Latin dancing shoes must stand up to very active, energetic use.

Our versions, with steel shanks under your arch for stability, are perfect. Their soles are sueded triple "HHH" heavyweight split leather. These beautiful selections are made to last. We apply this same fine attention to quality to our organ shoes, which meet the rigorous demands of playing an instrument with your feet. Our heels are the right height to minimize ankle stress, and wide enough to avoid being caught between pedals. The quality of our leather uppers means the shoe molds closely to your foot, preventing the accidental playing of more than one pedal at a time. Soles on this model are thinner, giving you the control you need to infuse your playing with passion.

Not only are our products beautiful and affordable, but they are all American-made. Our lasts, or forms, are made to match American feet which are wider than European or Chinese feet. This also means that you will order in the sizes familiar to you rather than trying to convert to an unfamiliar sizing system. If you need a short turn around time from order to delivery, using a manufacturer in the United States is always your best choice. Plus the knowledge that these shoes keep your friends and neighbors working makes TicTacToes an unbeatable choice. Spend some time browsing through our articles pages. As you explore the quality craftsmanship in our product you will begin to see why TicTacToes is different. With our range of color, style and size choices - including three widths in each shoe - you will see why TicTacToes is the right choice for your discriminating tastes.