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Professional Dance Shoes from a Name You Can Trust

Professional Dance Shoes

TicTacToes is located in the United States, using American products and American labor. In addition to a real benefit to the economy, this means our professional dance shoes are designed to fit American feet. As a dance shoes manufacturer we create our own lasts, or forms, for footwear to be created on. US feet are wider than our European counterparts, and we take that into consideration. This makes our footwear unsurpassed in comfort and durability. Give us a try, you'll be glad you did!

The Advantages of an American Dance Shoes Manufacturer

If you are ordering theatrical or specialized footwear, turnaround time from a European supplier can be a problem. TicTacToes is a dance shoes manufacturer located here in the United States. That means we cut down the time from order to delivery substantially. It also means you will see no impact in cost as the Euro competes with our dollar. TicTacToes has a wide variety of dance footwear including Ballroom, Latin, and even Western dance boots. We also carry organ shoes as part of our professional line. Take some time to look around our site and read about us. You will find that our combination of quality, craftsmanship, and value make TicTacToes the right choice for all your dance and professional footwear needs.

Good Organ Shoes Make a Difference

It's not uncommon to hear teachers and fellow organists say that no special footwear is required to play well. Perhaps not required, but footwear matching your unique needs can make the difference between acceptable and extraordinary playing. The right organ shoes, made specifically for that purpose have the perfect heels, wide enough to avoid getting stuck between the pedals and of the right height to minimize ankle strain. The bottom of organist shoes, including heel, are soft leather to prevent making sounds as they tap or press on the pedals. Just as dancers benefit from professional dance shoes, serious organists benefit from the right footwear to match their needs. TicTacToes has a good selection of quality footwear designed specifically for this use. Take a few minutes to read the information on our page devoted to this speciality and you will see the difference between our product and department store choices. TicTacToes takes your playing as seriously as you do.

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