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Mens Organist Shoes

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Womens Organist Shoes
-As most aptly said by DH of Orlando Florida, a customer-

Dear Tic-Tac-Toes,

After a misunderstanding, and the need to return the too-small shoes originally made, I received the correct order today and enjoyed my first use of the shoes at our Casavant organ.  Congratulations—they’re wonderful.  It took only about an hour to get used to them and then realized my pedaling accuracy is greatly improved by them!

I started playing the organ in 10th grade and now am in the twilight at 65, but never have had real organ shoes before.  Now I know what I missed.  The 1 ¼ inch heel really makes the heel-toe-heel-toe pattern, so common in the repertoire, much more accurate and easy for the ankles.  It requires less movement and therefore more stability.

It’s a wonder none of my teachers ever sang the praises of real organ shoes.  All they said was: “use sensible oxfords with leather soles and heels” or some such.  The value of higher heels and the somewhat thinner soles than street shoes was not appreciated by any of them.

God bless Tic-Tac-Toes,
DH, Orlando FL

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