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Organ Shoes with the Right Stuff

Organ Shoes

There are essential components that make footwear right for this very specific job. The heel must be wide enough that it avoids getting stuck between pedals, and good organ playing shoes will also avoid heels that 'click' when they come in contact with hard floors. All the organ shoes we carry at TicTacToes have heels of appropriate width and we use leather on the bottoms which insures soundless movement from pedal to pedal.

Can I Wear My Organist Shoes for Other Special Occasions?

Although it is tempting to wear such attractive footwear whenever we dress up, the answer is no. Check out our section of dance boots for a night on the town. Organ shoes have thinner, softer soles than a street shoe to meet the rigorous requirements of pedal playing and would wear out quickly if used in everyday situations. In addition, it is important to protect the beautiful pedals of your instrument by insuring that there is no grit or grime imbedded in your organist shoes soles which could cause damage as you move from note to note. TicTacToes carries an impressive number of choices in this specialized footwear. Visit our page specifically dedicated to organ footwear to find one just right for you or that special musician in your life.

What Should I Look for in Organ Playing Shoes?

In addition to specific requirements in heels, quality organist shoes will fit snugly on the foot itself. It's important that organ playing shoes be snug in order to enhance control as a musician moves quickly in complex pieces. We have both men's and women's styles with tie closures, and also carry women's versions with our unique slide buckle which provides infinite variety in placement of the buckle on its strap. All of our choices come in three varying widths allowing you to pick a perfect shoe to complement your foot and improve your dexterity.

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