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Being an American Dance Shoes Manufacturer Matters

If you think feet are feet you have something to learn. Most fine footwear is imported, created from forms designed for European feet. Thing is, the American foot is significantly wider, creating that hated foot pinch we all dread. TicTacToes is an American dance shoes manufacturer creating footwear on lasts designed for American feet. We have a wide variety of fine footwear options, from simple but beautiful choices perfect for special occasions, to Western boots, to organ playing shoes. All are quality-made selections that will please for years to come. Browse through our site and marvel at the choices. Once you own a TicTacToes shoe, it will be hard to accept anything else.

Think Organ Playing Shoes Don't Matter? Think Again!

If you are a serious student of the organ it is likely you were told by your early teachers that any good quality shoe is appropriate while you play. Discriminating musicians have learned differently. The organ is unique among keyed instruments, played as much with the feet as the hands. This makes good organ playing shoes a necessity for the serious player. TicTacToes, a professional dance shoes manufacturer of high quality footwear, has created the perfect shoe for this need. Our heels are the perfect height for good pedal control, and our soles are thinner than street shoes, providing a sensitive touch to make the music come alive. Once you have a pair crafted for the fine artist in you, you will never go back to department store choices again. We have both men's and women's selections in widths and sizes to fit your foot perfectly. And don't forget our unique slide buckle design that makes every purchase customized.

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